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Google Wi-Fi – The Best Wi-Fi System

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Google Wi-Fi – The best Wi-Fi System on the market

google wi-fiSince its launching in October 2013, both the tech experts and simple individual users who have tried using this latest edition in Google products, are giving only positive feedbacks.It did not disappoint. Google is known for simplicity and Google WiFi is proven to be the simplest, easiest to use and the most manageable router ever produced. Each unit of Google Wi-Fi is offering more mesh units than its top competitor Netgear Orbi and Eero.

What is really surprising is that Google Wi-Fi is far cheaper than its competitors as well. Google has a good standing for affordability. It has maintained on top of the market because of affordable it is even for the average earning individuals. Buying Google Wi-Fi will truly give you’re the best worth for your money. The design is very simple. It just looked one small white cylinder but its power to enhance Wi-Fi is so great that you wouldn’t believe they are just coming inside each of the 3 cylinders that are part of the whole pack when you buy Google Wi-Fi

For just $129 Google delivers the best router than you would expect. However, just a single Google Wifi is not going to be enough for a majority of individuals. Unless you are living in some studio apartment, you will need to have for yourself two, or rather three, of these devices to enable you to deploy some mesh network. Note that the master router plus one node would probably be enough, for example, for a 2800 square-foot home. However, a third node is going to deliver some significant boost to farthest corners of your property. Google normally encourages this approach through providing a massive per-unit discount if you happen to order a three-pack going for $299.

Google Wi-Fi, of course, is a dual band router. It operates on both the 5 as well as 2.4GHz frequency bands. It’s described by Google as an“AC1200 2X2 Wave 2” device. This means it’s able to support simultaneously two spatial streams among other features.

This Google router itself utilizes band steering to indicate that the client’s devices move between 2.4 and 5GHz networks as well as client steering to indicate to the client if some better mesh point or node is available to you when you are moving around your house. Furthermore, hand-offs between the nodes are entirely or completely transparent. You’re not likely to experience any problem as you move from one area to another when inside your home while streaming your video to your smartphone.

As is typical with mesh routers, the google Wi-Fi is much smaller as compared to traditional router. This round device-it resembles a miniature layer cake is just 4 inches in its diameter and is around 3 inches tall. And it is powered by wall wart, with a 6-foot long USB-C cable. It possesses two ethernet ports.

Google Wi-Fi (best router)The only negative feedback given about Google Wi-Fi is the fact that you need to have a google account or sign to a google account so you can optimize its use. But this is a minor and quite understandable. It is not rocket science to open one google account if it would mean better Wi-Fi access for you and the entire family, right? Thus, Google Wi-Fi has again made history by coming up with its own version and stated of the art Google Wi-Fi. And like most of its products, Google Wi-Fi will surely offer great comfort to all who have Wi-Fi connectivity issues.


  • Simple to setup
  • Have modular design enabling better coverage
  • A family-friendly control features
  • Modern and simplest design


  • No web interface
  • Have only 2 cable ports
  • Lacks some advanced features

Coverage Area

Google Wi-Fi Coverage Area


When you are searching for a router which mixes smart design together with simple features plus solid performance, then your choice definitely is Google Wi-Fi. But users who love to get their hands dirty might prefer the control plus flexibility of more traditional products. But for most people, Google wifi is going to likely eliminate a number of major pain points, and provide a simple transition to the connected property or home.

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