Top 10 Best Home Gadgets You Should Buy in 2017

Having the ordinary home gadgets is good, but there are better ways to improve lives as today, technology has shaped lives in many ways unexplainable. People have become linked to having a phone at home, sometimes even two and technology is present everywhere, even in our homes.

Here are top 10 home gadgets that you need to have for 2017

1.WITTI BEDDI Smart Radio Alarm Clock Speaker with Smart Home Integration, White

BEDDI is your sleeping-mate. You can now sleep very well every night with a soothing white noise that given an opportunity for your smart phone or tablet charges at the same time. BEDDI wakes you up every morning with a refreshed wake up light that simulates sunrise. You can either set your alarm tone with your favorite music, and to receive weather and traffic reports. You cannot imagine how good the BEDDI is, because it gives you a better communication with your other smart devices in your home in order to adjust your room temperature, brew your coffee right on time and even more.

BEDDI offers you an app to personalize your BEDDI in the way you like to have. You can easily setup to 4 different alarms for specific days or weeks with your favorite music. It is your choice to deal with an alarm volume and flexible with snooze duration.

It is integrated with two high quality speakers that does not annoy you while waking you up for your day. BEDDI’s speakers designed to provide you a perfect morning mood. BEDDI is fully integrated with Spotify (requires Spotify premium account). You can have a different playlist for weekdays and weekends. BEDDI also has an ability to stream music from your smartphone via online music players such as Google Music or Apple Music.

2. Philipps Hue

The Philipps Hue is a personal wireless sighting system. It’s a system created to fit your needs anytime of the day without switching on different light switches. Link your Philipps Hue Lighting System to any smart device like you smartphone or tab to personalize your lifestyle.

Having the Philipps Hue can address your home’s needs by simply giving light to the family. You can automatically create a lighting ambiance that can wake you up without opening your windows.

This is the home gadget device that can turn your 2017 around for the better if not for the best. The Philipps Hue can let you experience extraordinary moods within reach.

3. Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Having a weighting scale available in your home is vital especially for a health centered home. Withings Smart Body Analyzer is one of the best picks of having as a home gadget.

The best thing about the Withings Smart Body Analyzer is it can tell you more than your weight, it can identify your precise weight, body mass index, heart rate and body fat.

The great thing about this body analyzer is you can link it to your calorie counting app or your ordinary health application. This can better help you realistically set health goals.

4. August Smart Lock, Homekit

The ease of monitoring your door security system can now be monitored on your iphone. This siri friendly smart home gadget can help you track your home activity anytime of the day by simply connecting the August Smart Lock into your wifi. It even sends an email will be sent for any real time activity. You can set it that when you approach and leave the door, it unlocks and lock automatically.

The ease for a more personalized home security can esily be connected anytime and anywhere. The August Smart Lock can put families at ease.

5. August Doorbell Cam

Doorbell cameras are very helpful in especially in this fast paced time. Most bulgeries and even missed package deliveries happen when residents are away. The August Doorbell Cam is a very helpful home gadget that can relieve your worries while at the office or out doing the groceries.

This smart gadget goes beyond the aspects of being a doorbell. It acts as an intercom and talk with anyone presently at the door. Reviewing past interactions with the August Doorbell cam is also very convenient. It’s real time notifications will automatically show on your mobile phone when someone rings the doorbell.

6. Hamilton Beach 40996 Programmable Kettle

This smart home gadget offers more than what the eye can see. The Smarter iKettle can get the water boiling without even touching it.

It is very easy to use. Just connect the Smarter iKettle to a smartphone and the wifi system at home and remotely boil from anywhere in the home.

The Smarter iKettle can tell how much water is exactly in the kettle through the smartphone. It can also be set to any desired temperature. Its time scheduled option can help by setting a desired time for it to start boiling water.

7. Neato Botvac D Series High-Performance Pet and Allergy Vacuum

The Bovac D Series is a simple and easy to use home gadget that can help homes with limited time to clean. It was designed to aid home cleaning without randomly going around the room. The Botvac cleans in a straight-line pattern with the aid of a laser sensor that identifies obstacles. It has a self-charging system that makes it go back to its original home base and charge by itself.

This home gadget device vacuums dirts, hair and unwanted particles on the floor. Schedule cleaning time with the Botvac is easy and can be customized to avoid certain spaces.

8. Samsung Electronics QN55Q8C Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV (2017 Model)

Samsung has done it again and has released another smart home device that can exceed more than entertainment to the table. It has now incorporated its next Samsung Smart TV with Quantum Dot technology.

Its picture quality goes beyond ordinary. Its color level and brightness can adjust to any room’s lighting environment.

The Smart TV is paired with a portable smart remote that can be linked your phone, computer and wifi. It’s speakers are also very good, no buzzing sounds.

9. TrickleStar Motion Sensor Powerstrip

This smart home gadget technology can help in conserving energy s well as lessen the risk of power shortage. Its motion sensors can identify movement within and around the area and will automatically turn on and off switched outlets. If the sensors could not identify movements within 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off.

Perfect for multi tasking, this can help homes save money and time. Initially this was advertised for offices and working environments, but it also works best for any home. Its sensitive infrared motion detector can be perfect for home offices and entertainment rooms.

10. Anonsuo A touch home theater wireless smart touch control led lamp bluetooth speaker

Anonsuo is a new smart touch device that gives you a full control of led lamp and integrates with bluetooth speaker for home theater. You can have your bluetooth speaker controlled within your fingers by adjusting its volume on the left and touch to adjust the brightness on the right.

A perfect wireless bluetooth speaker equipped with an advance bluetooth 4.0 technology, CSR 4.0 chipset and stereo sound. It can be connected by 3.5mm audio cable for your PC, iPad and iPhone as well as other smart devices.

Anonsuo is a high-quality unique product that come with high quality lamp and integrated with a bluetooth speaker to create a relaxing and comfortable feeling in your room.


  • Baby night light
  • Decoration light
  • Romantic mood lamp

Occasional Gift:

  • Christmas Eve
  • Wedding Reception
  • Happy Anniversary
  • House Warming Party

These smart home gadgets are on the top of the list and ready to ease home and family life. These are the top 10 picks of home gadget ideas that can do more than help, but also secure.

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