Top 10 Best Memory Cards That You Can Buy in 2017

Advancement in technology has posed many demands on the manufacturers to come up with better and better products each time around. Due to the wide range of electronics the requirement for additional storage is a must these days. Having additional space can be a huge plus for anyone be it an android phone user, photographer, gamer or music lover. Memory cards have become an absolute must.

An average cell phone user transfers many pictures and takes at least a few videos each day. At times, most people find themselves complaining about space. This has automatically created a demand for microSD cards.

Memory cards have made life so much easier for anyone who could use additional space. Switching different memory cards is also easy in any device. With a good Micro SD card travelling becomes much more pleasurable. No one wants to see that error message that pop ups when you are trying to take a picture or a video.

Choosing the right Memory or Micro SD card can be quite challenging these days. While choosing a memory card there are only two things you need to keep in mind. The space capacity and the write speeds. If you like taking many pictures, then speed is extremely important. A good memory card with the best write speed can save high definition videos, pictures and also some good quality music.

After doing thorough research, we have put together a list of top 10 best Memory cards/Micro SD cards

1. 32 GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card

The performance of this SD card is simply fantastic. It has been in the top 10 for many months consistently and has been receiving excellent reviews time and time again. This MicroSD card is best for any android or tablet user. This cards performance is simply phenomenal. It let’s your save high quality photos and videos with an exceptionally good speed.

ScanDisk products are considered one of the best in the industry and usually comes with outstanding quality. It has 80 MB transfer speed and comes with an adapter that you can use for cameras. Its X-ray proof, water proof, temperature proof and even shock proof. Rest assured the data will be safe and secure. It also records high quality HD videos with playback.

This memory card comes in almost all variations starting from 8GB to 256GB. Depending on your need, you can easily pick and choose one.

2. Ultra Class 10 SanDisk 32GB Memory Card

This next memory card is the top of the class and twice as fast as any SDHC card. Read speed and capture speed is important for any SD card. This Memory Card allows you to transfer files and take pictures much more quickly. Due to an exceptional performance it has a 10 year limited warranty as well.

It comes in 4 variations – 16GB, 32GB, 62GB & 128GB and is shock proof, waterproof, temperature proof as well. This is a must have for compact to mid-range point cameras. A useful tool for any photo fanatic.

3. Ultra 64GB SanDisk MicroSD card

Number 3 on our list is yet another SanDisk product with some great features. Just like any MicroSD card this card comes with an adapter for cameras and lets you shoot high quality videos and photos at a faster speed. For peak performance, media and memory can be managed through the memory zone app.

If you are looking for high storage space and good write speed then this is the Memory Card for you.

4. Samsung 32GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDHC with Adapter

If you an average user who likes taking pictures on and off, loves storing thousands of songs and has a decent storage of HD videos then this memory card is for you. This SD card is an excellent value for money and at the same provides some really good features for the user.

5. SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter

SanDisk always provides a great value for money. A full HD recording and playback with an superb transfer speed of up to 80 MB/s makes this SD card the top 5 cards of 2017.

An amazing 128 GB space is a kicker and this comes with a ten year limited warranty.

6. SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Card

This memory card is specifically engineered for the latest android phone, tablets and MIL camera users. With a transfer speed of 90 MB/s, this bad boy let’s you shoot pictures in a continuous burst mode, full HD and 4K Ultra HD videos.

A very unique and singular feature is the data recovery software offer.

7. Kingston Digital 16 GB Class 4 microSDHC Flash Card with SD Adapter

If you are looking for an SD card at an economical price which serves your basic storage needs then this microSD card is for you.

It comes with some basic features and as mentioned before, serves the very basic storage requirements.

8. SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SDXC Memory Card

There is a lot that can be told about this fantastic memory card. The highlight of this card is its exceptional speed of 90 MB/s. This is a good option to pick if you like storing huge data and need a higher transfer speed. This one deserves to be in the top 10 due to the price range, write speed and great storage space.

9. Samsung EVO 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Card with Adapter

This is another good option for anyone looking for a memory card at an affordable price and a good transfer speed. It has about 48 MB/s transfer speed and works well with smartphones, tablets and android tablets. You can take high resolution pictures, videos. If you are into gaming then consider buying this memory card. This card is also compatible with many micro SDHC and micro SDxC slots.

10. Lexar High-Performance MicroSDHC 32GB

Last but not the least in our top 10 list is this premium memory card for smartphones, tablets, and sports camcorders. This card is not only affordable but also is an excellent value for money. It stores 8 hours of video which is twice the size of video storage capacity of some of the cards listed above and stores thousands of pictures and songs.

We recommend that before buying any MicroSD card; analyze your needs, the frequency with which you use some features and your major needs. There are too many products out there and this might lead to confusion at times. We hope that this list helps you in finding the right memory card based on your needs.

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