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Top 10 Best Smart Home Devices in 2017

Since technology is the main core of everything that we, as human needed for our daily operation, either for work or personal lifestyle. In this article we will hight the Top Best Smart Home Devices in 2017 for you to pick up to personalize your home lifestyle.

These Smart Home Devices will give a lots of benefits and make your home easier to live. It helps both entertain and work as tool to shape your house in a better environment as well as to ensure your home is safe with the smart home devices security.

Best Smart Home Devices in 2017

1. Amazon Echo Black
amazon echo black

Amazon Echo is an amazing hands-free speaker that allows you to speak to. It is easy to play music, sports scores, news, provide information and to keep updating with the weather by connecting the Echo to the Alexa Voice Service. You need to speak to it.

Seven microphones and beam technology are built-in with the Echo. It has an ability to absorb your voice across the room while music is still on. If you are looking for a 360° immersive sounds to fill in your room, Echo is an expertise to do that.

Echo acts as a listener, who is always there to listen to your order that start with the wake word “Alexa”, Echo will response back accordingly to whatever you asked for. Echo is a smartest device, which it is detectable with its intelligence technology to response to the request that closest to it.

Echo does not stop there, the feature that comes with Echo is fantastic and reliable, which allowing you to switch on the lamp before you are getting out of the bed. It is possible to turn on your fan or space heater while you do not need get up.

Echo is compatible with devices such as thermostats, lights and switch and other products more from WeMO, Philips Hue, ecobee, Nest and many more.

If you are interested to learn more about Echo and its compatible smart home connected devices.



2. LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb


The Lightbulb Reinvented

LIFX lights engineered to be a smart lightbulb that makes immersive color to your home by connecting to Wi-Fi. Controlling lights, tuning your lighting experience, or managing the entire home with an easy app provided by the LIFX.

LIFX lights are made to simplified how your home devices are connected. A single bulb connects all the technology and hardware needed to use your lights. LIFX is already integrated seamlessly with other smart home devices includes Amazon Echo, Nest and SmarThings.


3. Philips 455386 Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

phillips hue dimmer kit

Philips hue wireless dimming kit connects both wireless dimmer and Philips hue white LED Bulb. There is no installation need, just use it like a remote control.

Philips hue wireless dimming kit is easy to integrate into the Hue ecosystem, it is applied with all the Philips Hue products. You could control any lights without having to use the app and when it sticked on the wall, it is belong there.

Benefits of having Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

  • Apple HomeKit Ready
  • It is portable that you can it with you and easily stick it to the wall plate via magnets
  • ON/OFF Buttons and UP/DOWN to decrease/increase the brightness



4. BeON Home Protection System, Set of Three Bulbs

BeON Home Protection System

Emergency Lighting for the Home:

BeON Home Protection System is an Emergency Lighting for your house. Its function​ works perfectly to give you a safety home. Even-though the power cut-off, each bulb still has up to 4 hours of emergency lighting to inform you. BeON Home Protection System takes control and connect to your smoking alarm and automatically turn the lights on to help you to get out safely.

  • 3 LED Bulbs (60W equivalent, 800 lumen output)
  • 3 smart modules with built-in rechargeable battery, microphone, Bluetooth and learning module
  • Available on iOS or Android 

Modules give BeON bulbs Super-powers

Smart module is developed with the latest technology to ensure your home is safe and secure. The module has an ability to listen for any sound events and also learn your light switch activity. You don’t have to worry about the battery, since it is automatically recharge when the power is on. You can control your BeON Home Protection by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth.



5. Ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat with Sensor

Ecobee4 Alexa

Alexa voice service is built-in with Ecobee4, the feature allows you do a voice command and Ecobee4 response instantly. Ecobee4 is your personal assistance, which the device could read the news for you right in every morning.  The Ecobee4 connected to the Internet and check the local weather, so it could give you an automatically adjustable to turn your A/C on or off in real-time.

Ecobee4 is a fantastic device that saves your energy when it detected that there is no one home. Its key difference is that you can place sensor in different zones of your house which not only helps balance out the efficient use of heating and cooling but can sense which room you are in and control your preferences for that room, not the entire house. It even knows when you go to work, or to bed or on vacation

The software builds usage reports over time which can be helpful in managing your energy usage for maximum economy.

Overall, we highly recommended this Ecobee4 as your smart home devices in order to help you to control and save your energy.


6. August Smart Lock (2nd Gen) – Keyless home access – Control with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant or your smartphone (Dark Gray)

august smart lock homekit

If you ever wanted to own a smart door lock for quite sometime, mainly because you are a paranoid about whether you have your front door locked, and if not, you could perform an instantly lock it.

You are no longer required keys to access to your home. You can get full control access to your home with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa or with your smart devices. The August Smart Lock is built to replace your home traditional lockers. The door will unlock automatically when you are approaching the front-door and it locks your door after you enter the house. It keeps the log for you and you could possibly know who opens the door and when. It does not effect with your exterior door hardware, it stays the same.



7. SkyBell HD Silver WiFi Video Doorbell


SkyBell HD is not different from other Home Protection System. SkyBell HD, and of course it is simply mean High Definition. The device connected to your home Wi-Fi and provides you to see, hear and speak to visitors by using your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are. SkyBell HD comes with a 1080p camera, which gives an excellence performance during the night. Motion sensor acts an assistant to give you live alert when motion is detected. It also send the recorded video to your cloud account.

The daytime video on this thing is excellent and the color night vision is phenomenal.

Physical set up was a breeze. Our existing doorbell was mounted to the brick and mortar wall, and Skybell’s bracket matched up perfectly with the existing holes, so no drilling. It comes with the proper drill bit to do so. The difficult part is you have to ding them for the mounting screw. It is plastic and stripped almost immediately so you have to finish tightening it with some needle nose pliers.


8. Nest Cam Indoor security camera


Plug-in-and-go security.

Like most of us are spending time at work, we would also like to know what is going on around your house when you are not there. Nest Cam Indoor gives you the capacity of check in and with a 24/7 of live streaming with having to worry about its battery life. With Nest Cam Aware, it automatically saved for 10 or 30 days in the cloud when the person appeared right in front of the camera. Nest Cam Indoor is configurable with an alarm that will send the phone alert or email you with the photos captured.

Nest Cam Indoor built 2-way communication with speaker and microphone, which allows you to talk and listen through the mobile app.


9. Toucan Outdoor Security Camera with Alarm, Motion Detection and 2-Way Intercom – Works with Amazon Alexa

Toucan Outdoor Security Camera

Most people today spend their weekdays mostly at work for at least 8 hours a day away from their home. Leaving home aside could be a risk and gave a chance to the thief. You do not need to worry about your home security anymore with the Toucan Outdoor Home Security Camera.

Toucan Outdoor Home Security Camera helps you to release your stress and concern while you are away. It is an outdoor HD Camera with a wide angle and adjustable to capture image with a passive infrared motion sensor. It is a 100dBA remote panic alarm and 2-way of communication a speaker and a microphone. While you are away, you can still see and talk to your visitors by using a live video. It’s an easy 3-step installation, no hardwiring or batteries needed – if you can change a light bulb, you can install Toucan.



10. WeMo Insight Switch Smart Plug, Wi-Fi, Energy Monitoring, Works with Amazon Alexa

WeMo Insight Switch Smart Plug

Living in today that technology surrounded is easy, but your electric bill is increasing everyday because we could not manage and monitor them. Wemo Insight Switch allows you to switch on and off of your electronic devices, schedule them, and especially to monitor energy usage directly from your smartphone, so that you can save your electric bill for at least 42%.

It is simply easy by plugging it into an outlet and plug the devices you want to control into the Wemo Switch.

The Wemo Insight Switch support both iOS and Android devices. Insight Switch works with your Wi-FI and router via 3G and 4G networks.

What’s in the Box:

  • Wemo Insight Switch
  • Quick install guide


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